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African musicians that have private jets welcome to today’s episode of wealth and luxury as we will discover the African musicians that have private jets if you’re wondering whether any African celebrity owns a private jet the answer is a big yes write with me as we expose this luxurious Stars before we get started I challenge you you have to click on subscribe and activate notifications check the option all but you have to do that in less than 5 Seconds you got it and if you can write in the comment section hashtag acbking TV alright with that out of the way let’s get started African musician that have private jets number nine P-Square P-Square made up of Peter and Paul Okoye before they went to their separate race are two talented musicians who made a lot of Vibes in the music industry most especially as a Duo to ease their movement they reportedly went ahead to purchase a private jet from an undisclosed Arabian and it is worth several millions of dollars number eight Casper neovest South African rappers singer and songwriter cassper nyovest is one of the wildly celebrated musicians in South Africa though his real name is rafilo mylefullo his family called Casper nyovest buys fans and supporters Casper is the brand ambassador for Sea Rock a notable vodka brand in South Africa this endorsement was made official in 2017 and is one of his biggest endorsements so far from his musical career and personal Endeavors cassper nyovest owns a private jet worth millions of dollars number seven DJ cuppy since her father otedola is a billionaire and one of the richest men in the world just like Davido dangote and so on it is expected that DJ cuppy a female musician who taught the world using a private jet and of course our expectations have not been cut short as she had a private jet in her name oh Daddy’s girl she cruises in it so soft number six Don Jazzy Don Jazzy is a Nigerian musician who has a net worth of 10 million dollars instead of relying on commercial airlines bandage has its own way to travel abroad what’s more interesting than find your own private jet investing in an aircraft requires a really deep packet because it is pretty costly baby some talented artists have achieved an impressive financial status allowing them to own this luxury machines dundasi is just one of those high-earning people however the wealth of his private jet is not yet established number five tiwa Savage the most amiability was Savage is the music Queen of the Nigerian industry with a net worth of 5 million dollars rather than use regular commercial aircraft the queen of Nigerian music prefers to travel in style and super comfy in her own private jet surely a queen like her wouldn’t fly by commercial airlines tiwa Savage has shown that Nigerian female artists are in no way unfit in the class of enjoying luxury like their male counterparts she has made it seem so effortless and strongly possible she was spotted cruising in her private jet number four next is biscuit whiskey just like the video is one of the A-list artists in the oil rich country in giant of Africa he’s one of the most influential artists in Nigeria with a huge number of online followers although Wizkid was not born into a wealthy family like his Arc rival Davido he’s now one of the richest musicians in Nigeria he started his musical career at the age of 11.

The songwriter and recording artist also acquired his own private jet which is estimated to cost about 40 million dollars amazing isn’t it keep riding with us as we spell them out number three burner boy known professionally as Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer songwriter and record producer he rose to stardom in 2012 after releasing like the party when a boy who is his self-reclaimed and undoubtedly an important musician in Africa is among Legend musicians that earn private jets he has been creating waves both domestically and internationally since he made and joined the Nigerian music industry currently he is the brand ambassador for Nigerian breweries PLC and Moto cognac Phil burner boy owns his own private jet he still has other good Investments and endorsement deals Like Houses cars Etc number two Davido the one who calls himself omo Baba o’lough meaning son of a wealthy man has to have a private jet please Davido is one of Nigeria’s top most vibrant and happening music artists he was the first youngest Nigerian musical artist to get a private jet in 2018.

The veto is the son of Auckland Nigerian billionaire adedeji adeleke rumors are circulating online that the private jet is his father’s own although he claims he earns his wealth through his hard work and unwavering determination in the music industry according to him he was able to buy his private jet through hard work and ambition his estimated net worth is 8.5 billion naira though Davido doesn’t hesitate to show off his work and his luxurious Lifestyle on social media the video is also one of the youngest Nigerians to own a private jet a bombardier Global Express 6000.

the video’s private jet is priced approximately at 62 million dollars and requires the maintenance of about 252 million naira to 1 billion 440 million naira each year the next and most probably I know the one he’s been waiting for is none other than diamond platinums diamond platinums is the first artist in Tanzania to own a private debt the new jet came a year after the JJ hitmaker took out 450 000 to buy a black Rolls-Royce Phantom according to a previous report by diamonds manager in kubwa fella the jet has the capacity of 38 passengers and talking about these plans to buy the gel at the time the wasafi boss noted that he was to buy the jet back in 2020 but these plans were delayed by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic I’m buying a Jet not because I want to show off but because I have to look at my wall toes now I have to be flying like sometimes to three different countries if you look at the number of people I’m traveling with and the amount I spend on airlines it’s best I buy my own Jet and I’ll be saving a lot of money he said it is reported that in June last year he bought two cardilac Escalades estimated to be approximately 32 million Shillings each from the above statistics it is very obvious and unquestionable that African celebrities and musicians own private jets in the nearest future we’ll be expecting that more musicians will purchase their own private jets and fly at the top-notch luxury as they do desire this brings us to the end of today’s video thanks for watching

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