Private Jet Safety Information commitment to your safety: is dedicated to ensuring the safe travel of our clients by working only with aircraft and operators that are in compliance with the FAA regulation known as FAR Part 135. The FAR Part 135 certification was created to provide a standard for aircraft safety, operations, maintenance, regulations and licensing.

In addition to the standards set by FAR Part 135, has established even stricter safety criteria by requiring a third-party safety audit for all chartered flights. This third-party safety audit, conducted by TripCHEQ, will provide assurance that each and every chartered flight is conducted in the safest possible manner.

Your Safety is our Priority: takes pride in our ability to provide additional safety information specific to each flight. Wyvern and Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) are the leading third-party, independent safety auditors who specialize in conducting on-site aircraft maintenance and verifying crew experience requirements.

ARG/US has developed the TripCHEQ program, which provides important information relating to your flight. TripCHEQ compiles information on aircraft operators and evaluates them on a flight-by-flight basis.

All of our operators must be ARG/US Gold, Gold+ or Platinum rated. Ademas, their pilots must be typed and certified. ERG/NOS TripCHEQ ta di balor na e aire for di e karta di e kliente e instrukshonnan di e proporshon independiente, marcial garantia pa avion i e tripulashon colecciona pa su meta harte kumplí ku otro streets normal riba e je privá di e industria.

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