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እኛ አቅርብ ሌሎች አገልግሎት

አስፈፃሚ የግል ጄት ቻርተር

ፈካ ጄት ቻርተር

አጋማሽ መጠን የግል ጄት ቻርተር

ከባድ የግል ጄት ቻርተር በረራ

Turboprop የግል ጄት ቻርተር

ባዶ እግር የግል ጄት ቻርተር

አንድ ጀት በመሸጥ ወጪ የበረራ ውስጥ በሰዓት ዶላር ውስጥ የተሰጠው ነው. እንደተጠበቀው, ወጪን አውሮፕላን የተለያዩ ሞዴሎች መካከል ይለያያል. አንዳንድ አውሮፕላኑ የቅንጦት ናቸው, ሌሎች ደግሞ ይህ የቅንጦት አይደሉም በአንጻሩ. አንዳንድ አውሮፕላኑ በላይ ከደርዘን ተሳፋሪዎች የሚሆን ቦታ አለን, አነስ ሰዎች ያላቸው በአንጻሩ እንደ ጥቂት አራት እንደ መንገደኛ መቀመጫዎች ብቻ.

በገበያ ውስጥ ትንሿ ቻርተር አውሮፕላኖች አንዱ Cessna የመልታይፋሚሊ Mustang ነው, ይህም ስለ ወንበር ይችላሉ 4-5 ተሳፋሪዎች. በተጨማሪም በቻርተሩ ርካሽ አውሮፕላን መሆን ይሆናል: ስለ አንድ Cessna የመልታይፋሚሊ Mustang ቻርተር ይችላል $1700 በአውሮፕላን ውስጥ በሰዓት.

ከተጠቀሰ Mustang ይልቅ በመጠኑ ተለቅ ያለውን Learjet ነው 60, እስከ ወንበር የሚችል 8 ተሳፋሪዎች. Wichita ውስጥ ከቦምባርዴር በ የተሰራ, የካንሳስ ስለ እናንተ ዋጋ ነበር $3400 ወደ Learjet ቻርተር ላይ እየበረሩ መካከል በሰዓት 60.

ከፍተኛ መጨረሻ ላይ Gulfstream እንደ አውሮፕላን ነው 550, ይህም ወጪዎችዎን ስለ $8600 የሚበር ጊዜ በሰዓት. ይህ ስለ ወንበር እንደሚችል ትንሽ ይረዳል 14-19 ተሳፋሪዎች.

ምን ያህል አውሮፕላን የኪራይ የበረራ አገልግሎት ጋር በተያያዘ የግል ጄት ቻርተር ያስወጣኛል?

we will be exploring luxury on a budget in Central Florida. While most of us can’t afford to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, it’s always fun to take a peek at it. But not all that glitters is expensive, so we will also show you some affordable luxury options. Let’s start our Jet Set lifestyle with a ride on a private jet.

We join our friends Karen and Maria at Jet Management, አንድ private jet charter service located at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. James Watkins, the owner of Jet Management, gives us a tour of their luxurious jets. Karen and Maria are excited to experience their first private jet ride.

Once on board, Karen asks James about the food on the private jet compared to commercial airlines. James explains that the food on the private jet is much better as it is catered and can be customized to your preferences. Whether you want Dom Perignon or Delmonico’s steaks, it will be prepared hot and ready to be served.

Karen and Maria also inquire about the benefits of chartering a jet. James explains that there are 5,000 airports in the United States where private jets can land, compared to only 500 airports accessible by commercial airlines. This opens up a lot more destinations and provides more safety and security. በተጨማሪም, chartering a jet saves time as you can avoid long security lines and delays.

When asked about popular destinations, James reveals that New York City is one of the most common places they fly to. They even have some clients who fly in a private jet just for shopping trips. Karen and Maria are intrigued by the idea of flying in a private jet alone and coming back with a cargo hold full of purchases.

Karen can’t resist asking if they fly famous people around. James confirms that they have flown famous people such as George W. ቁጥቋጦ, Al Gore, Van Halen, Matt Damon, and Norman Schwarzkopf. Karen is particularly excited about Matt Damon.

Curious about the cost of chartering a private jet, Karen asks James about the price for a trip to New York City. James reveals that it would cost around $10,000 on their particular airplane. While it may not be affordable for most people, it’s still an interesting option for those who can afford it.

After their exhilarating private jet ride, Karen and Maria need to get to their final destination. They are pleasantly surprised to find a limousine waiting for them. Tom Parrish from Mystic Limo introduces them to a 34-foot Hummer limousine.

Inside the Hummer limousine, Karen and Maria are impressed by the amenities. It has special lighting, fiber optic lighting, strobe lights, plasma TVs, and surround sound. Tom explains that they cater to a variety of clients, from brides and grooms to executives and celebrities.

Karen can’t help but ask about the wildest things that have happened in the limousine. Tom politely declines to share any details, but assures them that interesting things do happen at Mystic Limo.

After their exciting ride in the limousine, Karen and Maria still need to look good. They hand it over to Nicola and Valerie to help them out in that department.

Luxury doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. With a little bit of planning and research, you can experience a taste of the Jet Set lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether it’s a private jet ride or a luxurious limousine, Central Florida offers affordable options for those seeking a touch of luxury. Cheers to experiencing luxury on a budget!

ከ ወይም የቤት አሜሪካ እኔን አጠገብ የግል ጄት ቻርተር በረራ አገልግሎት ያግኙ

አላባማኢንዲያናነብራስካደቡብ ካሮላይና
አላስካአዮዋኔቫዳበደቡብ ዳኮታ
አሪዞናካንሳስኒው ሃምፕሻየርቴነሲ
አርካንሳስኬንታኪኒው ጀርሲቴክሳስ
ካሊፎርኒያሉዊዚያናኒው ሜክሲኮበዩታ
ኮሎራዶሜይንኒው ዮርክቨርሞንት
የኮነቲከትሜሪላንድሰሜን ካሮላይናቨርጂኒያ
ደላዌርማሳቹሴትስሰሜን ዳኮታዋሽንግተን
ፍሎሪዳሚሺጋንኦሃዮዌስት ቨርጂኒያ
ኢሊዮኒስሞንታናሮድ አይላንድ

ይህን ወደውታል? አካፍል!

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