Embraer Konsulo 500 Privata Jeto Ride Mez-Grando ĉarto

Embraer Konsulo 500 Privata Jeto Ride flugo de Griza Pinto al Fort Lauderdale Florida NBAA 2018 aviation aircraft airplane Mid-Size Charter rental service Wow this is the new cabbage I like this look at this smells brand-new airplane and it's a lot wider actually clearly really comfortable here looking beautifully done very upscale hi my name is Eduardo come in here I'm a test pilot for Umbra hair today I'll be the captain for our flight from Punta Cana to Fort Lauderdale and we have the route already set up here in the cockpit we're going to be flying at 43,000 feet the weather is nice winds are also helping us in the direction of Florida and Bart has a really nice time I'm here with my fellow captain Luis Salgado he's one of my pilots as me and we're flying today the praetor 500 this airplane is one of the most modern airplanes in the market it's a full fly by rail fly-by-wire airplane we don't know that we don't have a yoke we fly side sticks

ni havas plenan aron de grandegaj bela bunta ekranoj kaj ĉiuj ĉi tiuj ekranoj povas meti komisiitaj por flugi ni havas informojn, kiujn ni uzas por baza fluga ni havas planon de flugo ĉi tie kaj ni eĉ vidis síndico paĝoj kiujn ni povas vidi ĉiujn niaj sistemoj kiel ili laboras tiel ĉi tiu estas la plej bona vi povas akiri en la merkato hodiaŭ mi laŭvorte devas teni jeto al mi mem sed estas nur kelkaj pli da pasaĝeroj tagging kune kun mi do tio estas Alisa

Alisa is from the Embraer and this is Jenny so they are riding together with me also I have Thiago here so they're all temporary experts they are riding with me and showing up this brand new pre-tour 500 with just 14 hours on the clock. It literally flew in from the factory brand-new from Brazil denier fighting my name is Pam you're on board the pre-tour 500 today we're going from Punta Cana al Fort Lauderdale my time is about two hours and 22 minutes about that time I just want to give you a safety briefing

we have two entry emergency exits the door that you came through and the toilet your life pests are located behind your ankles and they loss of oxygen customization oxygen masks will drop from here we have a light breakfast for you any questions no ready to go okay let's go

I am so amazed I have my name on the manual and looking it's beautiful like I was ready for a treat oh my gosh oh my god it goes fairly flat. I'm just showing you how creative the embryo free tour 500 can be we can turn all the sits facing sideways like this how nice business very social Sam we're halfway to Fort Lauderdale no how do you feel about the print or 500 in your experience you know what G this is the best experience of a meet size private jet I ever happened because the cabin is wider much wider than a typical midsize jet and best of all is so quiet on this plane you know really a really good experience really comfortable HR 500 is a 30 250 nautical mile as you mentioned the comfort that you

sperto estas ĉar ĝi estas la plej larĝa aviadilo fakte la plej proksima konkuranto estas kvin coloj pli mallarĝa en la ŝultroj kaj sep ĉe la planko la plata planko ses piedoj stand-up kajuto la 5800 piedo kajuto alteco premo ĉe 45,000 piedoj niaj korpoj, kiam ni sentas ni estas ĉe 5800 kiu permesas nin havi malpli kabano ĉe la tabloj estas socia jeto por la socia aĝo mi ŝatas diri ni havas conectividad ne nur la Overland Wifi kapabloj sed ka-bando kiel eblo unua por la mezgrandajn Embraer korporacia negoco jeto category the nice thing about this plane is it's a midsize jet for mid-sized budgets and cost however it gives you a feeling about this is actually wider so if that's how you pay for something better than besides gender

absolutely and J what I asked you like how much a jet like this cost this aircraft is sixteen nine ninety five so well seventeen million well I like the way you say 69.95 it's sixteen million nine hundred ninety five thousand dollars right oh my gosh so if I give you 17 million I get $5 back that's sorry okay as long as gonna be even bills so this is the bathroom on the pre-tour 500 it's also pretty annoying spacious I'm telling you for our midsize jets don't think about the large plane but miss sides you have to have a delicate man firm like this is luxury

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we talked earlier about the social jet an or social media jet and I just happen to have your YouTube channel up here you served from our oh my god Wi-Fi systems we do it and the nice thing is we have home-like entertainment so through Apple TV I'm able to put the presentation up on the monitor Ronna creep like a hey Iago listen how are you see do it no attorney - 360 like this so a social care as now give this social opportunity soon yeah so this is the back seat here what

I like about this one is it's not crap there's some loss of grip because you'll see this you can see the recline all the way so there's actually just in the back it can be a really comfortable thing not a bad thing at all Sam I'm going to show you how we birth these seats into a full state work very easy we're going to land on this Airport right here before Lauderdale International Airport this is the approach chart that we're going to be that we're going to apply to land in Fort Lauderdale and you can see here it also has a depiction of our of our position in the charts he's going to bring us around here turn us in and then we're lat that was a great flight okay Sam now we're excited to show you the parade for 600 come on inside with this interior being called a bossa nova what does that really mean of course it's a form of music that became very famous and complicated rich interior but really it's about the Americas coming together North and South America and what can you do with that kind of power

bone bosanovo tradukite signifas novan tendencon aŭ nova ondo por kion ni kaptis nun estas du Amerikoj fine doni la plej bonan ili havas por sola celo kiu estas krei la finfinan laboritaj stiligita interno kaj la fina súper midsize jeto kun la Frajto aŭ 600 bela jeto rigardu ĉi interno havas 2 X Faktoro kaj bosanovo kia

temo kaj ni havas la kapablon teni 105 degrees seating angle while at the same time when birthing the cushions it flattens out and then the cushions fall back into the hole to create the bed Wow so you can have somebody sitting somebody laying I like the greatness about the business jet it's not like the airline travel you can customize the Jets to the way you want you can decide and you can literally have your own airline design if I ever gonna run than my own airline air Sam tree I know what the interior will be like

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