Airbus ACJ320neo Aerospace Private dav hlau Aircraft dav hlau Review

Wysluxury Airbus ACJ320neo ua lag ua luam neeg dav hlauAirbus ACJ320neo Aerospace Private dav hlau Aircraft Review yog Elevating nplij siab rau tshiab heights thiab ya coob uas xam nrog rau tshiab horizons, los ntawm kev noj kom zoo dua ntawm cov feem ntau niaj hnub siv tshuab, cov khab seeb neeg dav hlau muaj cov neeg muas zaub muaj peev xwm mus coj lawv luxurious lifestyles nrog lawv txog qhov twg lawv mus thaum mus txawv tebchaws nyob rau hauv caij rau ib tug private jet yog xam los ntawm ib co mus yuav qhov kawg khoom kim heev nyob rau hauv mus ncig teb chaws. Txawm li cas los, muaj yog tiag tiag tus nqi nyob rau hauv lub caij nyob rau hauv ib tug, yuav tsum tau koj ua tau them taus nws. Thaum muaj tag nrho cov hom ntawm cov dav hlau siv rau ntiag tug dav hlau fleets, Airbus yog xam raws li ib tug ntawm qhov zoo tshaj plaws lub dav hlau hom nyob rau hauv lub lag luam.

Airbus, ib lub tuam txhab uas ua tau nws lub npe rau nrhav nyob rau hauv tus khoos kas aerospace tshuab, yog nqa tawm nws tseeb tiam ntawm cov dav hlau yeej tsim neeg thiab lwm lub dav hlau siv. Nyob rau hauv no tiam tshiab ntawm cov dav hlau yog cov Airbus ACJ320neo. Qhov no yuav siv sij hawm ib tug los ze zog saib no tshiab qauv thiab yuav ua li cas nws nruab nrab yog cov neej yav tom ntej ntawm private dav hlau.

Airbus ACJ Txheej txheem cej luam

Airbus tau ua hauj lwm nyob rau hauv lawv cov tiam tom ntej ntawm cov dav hlau vim 2016. Muaj nyob rau hauv cov tshiab yog lawv mas nrov Airbus coj mus muag dav hlau (ACJ) kab. Lawv ACJ kab yog heev nrov nrog cov neeg uas yuav lawv tus kheej dav hlau thiab nrog fleets uas nqa private jet koj qev los cov kev pab cuam. Thaum lub ACJ tau proven yuav zoo heev nrog nws ua ke ntawm cov nta, kev ua tau zoo, thiab efficiency, Airbus still knows that there is still room for improvement. This has resulted to the release of the ACJneo, the next generation of Airbus commercial jets, in January 2016.

The Airbus ACJ320neo is the product of Airbus’s neo program. Neo is actually an acronym that stands for “new engine option”. Airbus developed new engine options for their commercial planes such as the A320. These new engines have lofty performance goals: a 15 rau 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and lower emissions. With these promises, orders for the “neo planes” were huge—5200 units, to be exact. To put this into perspective, Airbus has sold around 7500 narrow-body aircraft since 1988. Given the magnitude of sales, the neo represents the future of Airbus. It has to live up to the hype as it’s now the primary money maker for the company.

In the development of the ACJneo, Airbus looked for ways to make their planes more efficient than ever before. The primary metric the company used is the “per passenger seat mile” cost. It is considered as a measure of the cost-effectiveness of operating the plane. The lower this cost is, the how efficient the plane is. To get the lowest per passenger seat mile cost, Airbus made all kinds of improvements in the engineering of the ACJneo. While Airbus has put an emphasis on efficiency, they did so without sacrificing comfort, kev ua tau zoo, and other desirable features for jets. These areas of improvement will be put into focus later.

Given its important position in the Airbus product line, lub ACJ320neo muaj nyob rau lub hype thiab ntau. Qhov zoo tshaj plaws yog hais tias thaum noj ib los ze zog saib, no dav hlau yog txhua yam nws tau advertised ... thiab ces ib txhia xav paub ntxiv.

ACJ20neo Peev Xwm

Zuag qhia tag nrho muaj peev xwm ntawm ib tug aircraft yuav tau muab faib mus rau hauv ntau yam kev ntsuas. Qhov no ntsuas yog yeej nyob rau sab hauv configuration ntawm ib tug neeg lub dav hlau. Hnab nqa taug kev muaj peev xwm yuav muab faib ua 2 tsis: nrog hnab nqa taug kev muaj peev xwm, which is the amount of baggage that can be stowed inside the pressure/temperature controlled compartment of the aircraft, and the external baggage capacity, which is the amount of baggage that can be accessed from the outside of the aircraft.

Even though the Airbus ACJ320neo has no external baggage capacity, it makes up for it with its massive internal baggage capacity. The internal baggage capacity of the ACJ320neo is measured at a staggering 976 cubic liters, making it easily the best in its class in this category. Zuag qhia tag nrho zaum muaj peev xwm ntawm no lub dav hlau yog nkaus nyob rau hauv lub hom ntawm sab hauv configurations tus tswv xav kom, tab sis nws Tshuag configuration yuav muab xis rooj zoom rau 19 neeg, uas yog ntau tshaj li txaus rau feem ntau lub hom phiaj.


Yuav kom ntsuas ib tug dav hlau lub payload, koj yuav tau siv ntau yam kev ntsuas muaj feem xyuam rau lub dav hlau hnyav, lub xov tooj ntawm cov khoom nws yuav nqa, thiab cov zoo li. Cov ua hauj lwm hnyav ntawm ib tug aircraft yog tus luj ntawm lub aircraft xws li ua hauj lwm pab pawg, tsim nyog kua xws li roj, thiab tag nrho cov neeg teb xov tooj khoom yuav tsum tau rau davhlau. Qhov siab tshaj plaws takeoff thiab tsaws hnyav sau tseg raws li lub siab tshaj plaws tag nrho cov luj ntawm lub siab ntim aircraft qhov twg takeoff thiab tsaws yuav tsum tau xyuam xim. Pab hnyav yog txhais raws li tus nqi ntawm qhov ceeb thawj uas lub dav hlau muaj peev xwm nqa tom qab tus luj ntawm lub tsav, neeg coob, thiab roj yog muab tshem tawm.

Nyob rau hauv cov nqe lus ntawm cov payload nta, the enhancements on the Airbus ACJ320neo also work very well in its favor. Maximum landing weight is measured at 148,592 phaus, thiab siab tshaj plaws takeoff hnyav yog ntsuas ntawm 174,165 phaus, uas yog siab tshaj feem ntau ntawm cov dav hlau nyob rau hauv nws cov qeb. Cov ua hauj lwm hnyav ntawm no lub dav hlau yog ntsuas ntawm 104,453 phaus. Ntsig, qhov tseem ceeb payload ntawm no lub dav hlau yog ntsuas ntawm 8,900 phaus, uas tej zaum yuav tsis sound ntau, tab sis yog ho ntau dua li cov kev sib tw. Nyob rau hauv cov nqe lus ntawm payload xov tooj, lub ACJ320neo ntsa.


Ceev yog nyob rau ntawm ib tug ntau yam ntawm cov tsiaj. Qhov no tus nqi yog nyob rau ntawm sab hauv nta xws li cav fais fab thiab aerodynamic efficiency, thaum sab nraum yam tseem ceeb xws li huab cua thickness thiab headwind / tailwind zog kuj ua si ib lub luag hauj lwm. Rau lub Airbus ACJ320neo, cov nuj nqis taw tes rau ib tug aircraft uas yog ntau tshaj li uas muaj peev xwm ntawm hais davhlau. Nws siab tshaj plaws cruise ceev yog ntsuas ntawm 527 mph, nws nruab nrab cruise ceev yog ntsuas ntawm 527 mph, thiab nws ntev ntau cruise ceev yog ntsuas ntawm 514 mph. Tag nrho cov nuj nqis sawv cev coj kev txhim kho piv rau zoo xws li cov dav hlau nyob rau hauv nws cov qeb.


Cov kab kev los ntawm ib tug dav hlau yog cov kev ntsuas ntawm yuav ua li cas nyob deb ib tug dav hlau mus siv ib tug tag nrho cov tank ntawm roj. Muab hais tias ib yam uas Airbus teem rau thaum lub sij hawm txoj kev loj hlob ntawm lub Neo kev pab cuam yog roj efficiency, you can expect this plane to shine in that department or at least show significant improvements relative to its competition. Apparently during testing, tag nrho cov kev hloov ua hauj lwm, ua rau hauv ntau yam nuj nqis uas yuav yooj yim tshuab tseg cov kev sib tw.

Lub ntsuas ntau ntau yam ntawm lub Airbus ACJ320neo yog ntsuas ntawm 7,099 mais, thaum lub rooj zaum tag nrho ntau yog ntsuas ntawm 7,021 mais. Maximum range is defined as the furthest an aircraft can fly at cruise speed at optimal altitude, while seats full range is defined as the maximum range an aircraft can fly at maximum payload. The respective measurements derived are significantly higher compared to similar jets, delivering on the promise that Neo jets will feature at least 20% better fuel efficiency compared to their competition.


Altitude is another performance metric commonly used to determine an aircraft’s performance capabilities. The higher the altitude an aircraft can travel, the better its power is. At the same time, being able to travel at a higher altitude presents some performance and efficiency advantages. With thinner air present at higher altitudes, air resistance and drag becomes reduced, resulting to higher travel speeds and better fuel efficiency. Curiously, the ACJ320neo has a service ceiling of 41,000 taw, which is curiously lower compared to similar jets that have service altitudes of up to 45,000 taw.

Runway Length

Runway length is a set of measurements that determine the distance required for an aircraft to take off at full speed and make a full stop on landing. The landing distance of the ACJ320neo is measured at 4,665 taw, which means that it is the required length of field needed to land the aircraft at average weight. The balanced field length is measured at 5,820 taw, which is the distance required to send an aircraft at takeoff speed and then make a full stop. While there are multiple factors that can affect these runway length figures, it can be safely said that the ACJ320neo requires more runway length to take off and land safely.

Extra features

The Airbus ACJ320neo has a boatload of new features, taking advantage of tech improvements developed over years of aircraft experience. The ACJ320neo, as well as the other commercial jet models included in the neo program, comes standard with fly by wire controls, advanced avionics, and range-boosting features. It also comes with a 90-foot cabin that can be customized according to the owner’s needs and preferences. While the default 19-seat configuration is both comfy and luxurious, Airbus has a myriad of options that will help customize jets according to the owner’s personal preferences.


The Airbus ACJ320neo Aviation, while far from being a perfect jet, represents the future of commercial aircraft. Nrog nws cov tseem ceeb kev txhim kho thiab tej ntug tsim, nws muab kev kawm thiab efficiency cov nuj nqis uas ua rau nws sawv tawm rau tus so. Nws yog sai, ntau roj npaum, thiab ntau muaj peev xwm nqa hnyav zog loads dua nws lub contemporaries. Cov kev txhim kho lig ua kev zoo siab tsis yog rau private jet tswv, tab sis kuj rau cov uas xav nyob rau hauv qiv. tib yam khoom kim heev, kev kawm zoo, thiab txo nqi: tau li cas ntxiv ib tug xauj xav tau nyob rau ib private jet koj qev los? Airbus tau ua nws dua.

airbus acj320neo suab paj nruag sab hauv

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