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Az Airbus ACJ319 Aerospace Private Jet Charter egy üzleti osztályú repülőgép. Its design is based on the A320 commercial airliners. The aircraft was introduced in 1997 and features extra fuel tanks than the original A319. This means the plane can travel longer distances of 6000 nm or 6,905 mérföld. It is typically operated by charter firms and large corporations thanks to its impressive range of business class features.

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The interior of the ACJ319 is spacious and ultra-modern, thus making it ideal for transporting VIPs on business trips. The plane comes with several sections, which enable passengers to relax in the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, watch movies in the lounge area, conduct meetings or enjoy food in the dining area. It boasts the largest cabin cross-section in its class and provides unparalleled luxury. The charter plane offers a common cockpit with state-of-the-art features.

The interiors are fully customizable to suit specific cabin requirements. It has a sizable staff area and employs fly-by-wire controls.

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The Airbus ACJ319 Jet Aircraft Review

It comes as no surprise that the Airbus ACJ319 is one of the most popular aircraft in the ACJ family. It provides an ideal combination of range, luxury and a spacious cabin. It can travel from Cape Town in South Africa to Dubai or from Las Vegas to London without the need to refuel. This provides much-needed flexibility to executives embarking on business trips in different parts of the world.

The aircraft represents a luxurious and well-equipped flying office for busy businesspeople. It is an important business tool that befits the high-profile status and prestige of large corporations and heads of state.

The aircraft can accommodate up to 50 utasok. It also offers additional configuration options to match the needs of operators. The ACJ319 has the capacity to fly faster at higher altitudes, thus reducing flight time.

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