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Video Transcript:

0:04 on this episode of Titan trending the most luxurious plane ever
0:09 بوئینگ 747 - a VIP is the second-largest plane in the world is
0:14 also the most luxurious plane in the world at a whopping 367 میلیون دلار
0:20 excluding laundry upgrade this plane makes private jets look like toys
0:25 the plane is completed by green . technologies and comes with four
0:28 thousand seven hundred eighty six square feet
0:30 it features a stateroom with lounges office conference room more lounges
0:34 including the second floor lounge and a massive dining room
0:38 you can find an impressive eight thousand nautical miles non-stop first
0:42 747 - Adi key client received their plan on februari 28th 2012 the clients
0:48 identity remains under schools
0:50 it has been tracked that the first VIP plane went to equate our and another has
0:54 been tracked to Bermuda
0:55 fun fact the united states air force announced in january 2015 that they had
0:59 selected the boeing 747 - 8:00 as the replacement to the bc - 25 8 برای
1:05 presidential transport
1:07 so to wrap this up basically if you have half a billion dollars you can pick
1:10 yourself up one of these awesome giant planes
1:12 hope you guys enjoyed this video until the next one have a good one

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