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0:00 someone somewhere bought a private plane that costs six hundred and thirteen
0:05 million dollars
0:06 just thought you'd like to feel broke too i'm mara montalbano for buzz60 and
0:11 the anonymous buyer isn't just swearing off flying commercial
0:15 they're giving it the finger the plane is a boeing 747-8 which is the longest
0:20 passenger jet in the world and can carry 450 gente
0:25 the aircraft alone cost more than 350 million dollars but the owner wanted to
0:31 customize so he or she had green . technologies put another 245 million
0:37 dollars were the features into it including a restaurant dining room
0:41 master bedroom guest bedrooms two lounges and an office
0:46 we don't know what the plane looks like now but this video shows a model of what
0:50 the company will do to your plane
0:52 I personally couldn't care less about a 40 inch TV
0:55 to me the most aspirational thing about the plane is the lack of crying babies
0:58 and people who take their shoes off mid-flight

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