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Lease or Buy Boeing 737 Diyaarad adeeg duulimaad Charter gaar ah ama si aad u socoto ee soo socota ii soo dhowaan waxaa ka mid ah heshiis lugta madhan qiimo la awoodi karo. Tag to rent a Luxury Aircraft chartering for corporate business or personal.

Sida caadiga ah Boeing 737 waxaa loo isticmaalaa safaro gaaban ee kooxaha waaweyn, laakiin maxaa jira, haddii in la beddeli? Its derivative VIP, Business Boeing ee Jet, ayaa shaqada aad u kala duwan; siday kooxo yar yar on duulimaad dheer hoy raaxo leh.

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Boeing 737 Diyaarad Video dib u eegis edbinta Transcript"

0:00 Boeing 737 waxaa sida ugu wanaagsan ee loo yaqaan Ronie ee warshadaha waaweyn airline
0:09 siday malaayiin rakaab ah oo ku saabsan safarada gaaban la sidayaal
0:13 dunida dacaladeeda, laakiin Boeing 737 waa ego ahaanba ka duwan tahay doorin ee
0:18 qaabka diyaaradaha ganacsiga ee Boeing oo laga xoreeyo dalka ah. saaraha ka horumartay
0:22 isla design sida ay Airbus horjeeda ayaa qoysaska a320 ku acj sameeyey
0:27 derivative tani waa dhan oo ku saabsan siday kooxood oo yar yar oo dad ah oo ku saabsan dheer
0:33 safarada waxa ugu horeeya ee ay taasi dhacdo waxaa aan duuli diyaaradda si ay xarun ku
0:38 Delaware where we installed a special fuel tanks in the cargo compartment of
0:42 the plane to allow it to fly so much further than a regular 737 we will
0:47 install these special winglets that we're now including in the basic price
0:51 of the aircraft the ones that . down as well as up after that you will talk to a
0:56 variety of these special facilities around the world that will take the
0:59 interior of this airplane which will be completely bare when you buy from Boeing
1:03 and they will install of this wood in the seats and the tables and the beds
1:07 and showers and the in-flight entertainment and all the other features
1:10 that you can see as we look around this cabin aviation partners founder Joe
1:13 Clark explains the benefits of the wing woods and how they work
1:17 first of all you're going to save fuel up to 2 plus percent and fuel on the BBJ
1:22 you're going to be able to fly at a higher altitude initially you'll have a
1:26 quieter airplane and I have the latest look at aviation the way it changed the
1:30 aerodynamics is if you look at an airplane like being a big ship there's a
1:34 big wake and what we do is that's that's called vortex we reduce that vortex at
1:40 the tips of the wings take it away from the flatter planar part of the wing
1:43 raise it away so lets the airplane slip through the Eric easier VIP passengers
1:47 spending 11 hours in an aircraft naturally create a much higher degree of
1:51 comfort than airline passengers making a short two-hour hop the bjs interior
1:56 offers plenty of room to adapt cabins to individual circumstances because you can
2:01 segment the aircraft into specific cabins such as you can see in this airplane
2:05 you have the ability to conduct different meetings with different groups
2:09 in your organization in total privacy one of the great things about this
2:14 aircraft is that typically when we see a bed on this airplane it is just about
2:19 it's not a seat that turns into a bed such as you find on an airliner or
2:23 smaller business yet it is a proper queen size double bed with a seatbelt
2:28 but that's about the only difference between it and the bed you sleep on home
2:32 you'll see a shower that's a proper full-size shower you'll see a dining
2:37 room table such as the one we're sitting at so you can afford to put the
2:40 amenities in your aircraft that correspond to the amenities that you
2:44 might have in your home or your yacht or whatever other vehicle you choose to be
2:49 rounded the other thing that we're very proud of this aircraft and I would tip
2:53 my hat to the other business jet manufacturers for this is we've learned
2:56 the importance of the lower cabin altitude in the airplane so this
3:00 aircraft unlike an airliner version of this airplane has a cabin altitude at
3:04 41,000 feet of 6,500 feet so you're breathing air as if you were 6,500 feet
3:10 up on a normal airliner that altitude is 18,000 feet and that does make a
3:15 significant difference in your physical well-being at the end of a very long
3:19 flight such as 12 hours or 13 hours the existing BBJ family consists of three
3:24 different sizes of the 737 as well as versions of the triple seven the 747 iyo
3:29 the 787 wide-body airliners now boeing is planning a new generation of bjs
3:35 based on the new max version of the 737 with more efficient engines this will
3:39 give scope to offer a larger aircraft with the same long range capability yeah

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