Боинг 737 Частный Самолет Чартерный Палшык

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Молнамшы Боинг 737 кӹтӹк кучылталтеш экскурсий кого группа, но мам тидӹ ылшы гӹнь б? VIP ӹшке производный, бизнесӹм-Боинг Джет , вес ялжы улы мисси; куснаш номержӹ шукы корны доно паян изи тӹшкӓ.

Американ мода ӓль частный рейс чартерный сага мӹньӹн кӧргӹштем

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Боинг 737 Самолет видео-обзор инструкций Транскрипт"

0:00 Боинг 737 имни кого пашажы г семӹнь пӓлен авиакомпаний
0:09 келесымаш экскурсий доно кӹтӹк миллион ошлавӱтеле шывштен пассажирвлӓм относительно
0:13 улы мир доно, но "Боинг" 737 тидӹ альтер тӹрлӹ йӹл-эго
0:18 shape of the boeing business jet which the u.s. manufacturer developed from the
0:22 same design just as its rival airbus has done with the a320 families acj
0:27 derivative this is all about carrying smaller groups of people on much longer
0:33 trips the first thing that happens is we fly the aircraft to a facility in
0:38 Delaware where we installed a special fuel tanks in the cargo compartment of
0:42 the plane to allow it to fly so much further than a regular 737 we will
0:47 install these special winglets that we're now including in the basic price
0:51 of the aircraft the ones that . down as well as up after that you will talk to a
0:56 variety of these special facilities around the world that will take the
0:59 interior of this airplane which will be completely bare when you buy from Boeing
1:03 and they will install of this wood in the seats and the tables and the beds
1:07 and showers and the in-flight entertainment and all the other features
1:10 that you can see as we look around this cabin aviation partners founder Joe
1:13 Clark explains the benefits of the wing woods and how they work
1:17 first of all you're going to save fuel up to 2 plus percent and fuel on the BBJ
1:22 you're going to be able to fly at a higher altitude initially you'll have a
1:26 quieter airplane and I have the latest look at aviation the way it changed the
1:30 aerodynamics is if you look at an airplane like being a big ship there's a
1:34 big wake and what we do is that's that's called vortex we reduce that vortex at
1:40 the tips of the wings take it away from the flatter planar part of the wing
1:43 raise it away so lets the airplane slip through the Eric easier VIP passengers
1:47 spending 11 hours in an aircraft naturally create a much higher degree of
1:51 comfort than airline passengers making a short two-hour hop the bjs interior
1:56 offers plenty of room to adapt cabins to individual circumstances because you can
2:01 segment the aircraft into specific cabins such as you can see in this airplane
2:05 you have the ability to conduct different meetings with different groups
2:09 in your organization in total privacy one of the great things about this
2:14 aircraft is that typically when we see a bed on this airplane it is just about
2:19 it's not a seat that turns into a bed such as you find on an airliner or
2:23 smaller business yet it is a proper queen size double bed with a seatbelt
2:28 but that's about the only difference between it and the bed you sleep on home
2:32 you'll see a shower that's a proper full-size shower you'll see a dining
2:37 room table such as the one we're sitting at so you can afford to put the
2:40 amenities in your aircraft that correspond to the amenities that you
2:44 might have in your home or your yacht or whatever other vehicle you choose to be
2:49 rounded the other thing that we're very proud of this aircraft and I would tip
2:53 бизнесӹм производитель шляпӓ весӹвлӓ анзылны-тидӹ ма верц тыменяш джет
2:56 высоты ӹшке лапкаштыжы, самолетын кабинышты, мам тидӹ тыла
3:00 самолетын кабинышты тидӹ самолетеш кӱкшӹц гӹц айыртемвлӓ улы авиалайнер версия
3:04 41,000 ял 6,500 тенгеок ялын юж доно шӱлен тӹнь, тӹнь ганеток ылам ылгецӹ 6,500 ял
3:10 самолет пыра, кӱкшӹцшӹ 18,000 мам ӹштендӓ дӓ ялжы
3:15 шукы вижӹм пиш кого айыртем мычашышты перкежӹм
3:19 чонгештӓ, кыце тыла 12 ӓль цӓш 13 кышты ылеш цӓш модел гӹц йиш
3:24 тӹрлӹ размер 737 as well as versions of the triple seven the 747 доно
3:29 the 787 wide-body airliners now boeing is planning a new generation of bjs
3:35 based on the new max version of the 737 with more efficient engines this will
3:39 give scope to offer a larger aircraft with the same long range capability yeah

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