Airbus ACJ320neo خلائي پرائيويٽ سوراخ هوائي جهاز جو جائزو

Wysluxury Airbus ACJ320neo business corporate jetAirbus ACJ320neo Aerospace Private Jet Aircraft Review is Elevating comfort to new heights and flying passengers to new horizons, by taking advantage of the most modern technology, these spacious corporate jets offer customers the ability to take their luxurious lifestyles with them wherever they go while travel in Riding on a private jet is considered by some to be the ultimate luxury in travel. تنهن هوندي به, حقيقي قيمت هڪ ۾ سوار ۾ موجود آهي, توهان اصل ۾ ان کي برداشت ڪرڻ گهرجي. جڏهن ته خانگي سوراخ fleets لاء استعمال ويرين جي سڀني قسمن نه آهي, Airbus جي ڪاروبار ۾ بهترين هوائي اڏي brands مان هڪ سمجهيو ويندو آهي.

Airbus, هڪ ڪمپني ته خلائي ٽيڪنالاجي ۾ بدعت جي لاء ان جي نالي سان ڪيائين, ويرين خاص ڪارپوريٽ ۽ نجي سوراخ استعمال لاء ٺهيل جو ان جي جديد نسل کي ٻاهر آڻڻ آهي. ويرين جي هن نئين نسل ۾ شامل جو Airbus ACJ320neo آهي. This review will take a closer look at this new model and how it represents the future of private jets.

Airbus ACJ Overview

Airbus has been working on their next generation of jets since 2016. Included in these updates is their highly popular Airbus Commercial Jet (ACJ) line. Their ACJ line is very popular with those who purchase their own jets and with fleets that carry private jet rental services. While the ACJ has proven to be very successful with its combination of features, performance, and efficiency, Airbus still knows that there is still room for improvement. This has resulted to the release of the ACJneo, the next generation of Airbus commercial jets, in January 2016.

The Airbus ACJ320neo is the product of Airbus’s neo program. Neo is actually an acronym that stands for “new engine option”. Airbus developed new engine options for their commercial planes such as the A320. These new engines have lofty performance goals: a 15 جي طرف 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency, reduced noise, and lower emissions. With these promises, orders for the “neo planes” were huge—5200 units, to be exact. To put this into perspective, Airbus has sold around 7500 narrow-body aircraft since 1988. Given the magnitude of sales, the neo represents the future of Airbus. It has to live up to the hype as it’s now the primary money maker for the company.

In the development of the ACJneo, Airbus looked for ways to make their planes more efficient than ever before. The primary metric the company used is the “per passenger seat mile” cost. It is considered as a measure of the cost-effectiveness of operating the plane. The lower this cost is, the how efficient the plane is. To get the lowest per passenger seat mile cost, Airbus made all kinds of improvements in the engineering of the ACJneo. While Airbus has put an emphasis on efficiency, they did so without sacrificing comfort, performance, and other desirable features for jets. These areas of improvement will be put into focus later.

Given its important position in the Airbus product line, جي ACJ320neo جي hype کي مٿي رهي چڪو آهي ۽ وڌيڪ. هن سٺي شيء آهي ته، جڏهن هڪ هيس نظر کڻڻ آهي, هن جهاز سڀڪنھن شيء کي ان جي اشتهار ڏنو ويو آهي ... ۽ ان کان پوء ڪجهه وڌيڪ.

ACJ20neo ڪيپيسٽي

هڪ هوائي جهاز جي مجموعي گنجائش کان وڌيڪ metrics ۾ تقسيم ڪري سگهجي ٿو. هيء ماپ بنيادي طرح هڪ فرد جهاز جي اندروني جي تشڪيل تي منحصر آهي. سامان جي گنجائش ۾ تقسيم ڪري سگهجي ٿو 2 حراست ۾: اندروني سامان جي گنجائش, which is the amount of baggage that can be stowed inside the pressure/temperature controlled compartment of the aircraft, and the external baggage capacity, which is the amount of baggage that can be accessed from the outside of the aircraft.

Even though the Airbus ACJ320neo has no external baggage capacity, it makes up for it with its massive internal baggage capacity. The internal baggage capacity of the ACJ320neo is measured at a staggering 976 cubic liters, making it easily the best in its class in this category. هن جهاز جي مجموعي seating گنجائش معنى گهرو ترتيبون جي قسم جو مالڪ چاهي تي منحصر آهي, پر ان جي اسٽاڪ جي تشڪيل لاء آرام seating مهيا ڪري سگهو ٿا 19 ماڻهو, جنهن جي سڀ کان مقصدن لاء ڪافي کان وڌيڪ آهي.


هڪ جهاز جي payload اندازو ڪرڻ, توهان جي جهاز جي وزن سان لاڳاپيل کان وڌيڪ ماپ کي استعمال ڪرڻ آهي, ادل جي تعداد ان کڻندا ڪري سگهو ٿا, ۽ جھڙي. هڪ هوائي جهاز جي عملي وزن جي عملي عملو شامل آهن جهاز جي وزن آهي, اهڙي ٻارڻ طور ضروري fluids, and all operator equipment required for flight. The maximum takeoff and landing weight are defined as the maximum total weight of a fully packed aircraft where takeoff and landing can be performed safely. Useful weight is defined as the amount of weight that the plane can carry after the weight of the pilot, crew, and fuel is removed.

In terms of these payload features, the enhancements on the Airbus ACJ320neo also work very well in its favor. Maximum landing weight is measured at 148,592 pounds, and maximum takeoff weight is measured at 174,165 pounds, which is higher than most of the planes in its class. The operational weight of this plane is measured at 104,453 pounds. Lastly, the useful payload of this plane is measured at 8,900 pounds, which may not sound much, but is significantly higher than the competition. In terms of payload numbers, the ACJ320neo shines.


Speed is dependent on a wide range of variables. This value is dependent on internal features such as engine power and aerodynamic efficiency, while outside factors such as air thickness and headwind/tailwind strength also play a role. For the Airbus ACJ320neo, the figures point to an aircraft that is more than capable of speedy flight. Its maximum cruise speed is measured at 527 ايڇ, its average cruise speed is measured at 527 ايڇ, and its long range cruise speed is measured at 514 ايڇ. All these figures represent modest improvements compared to similar planes in its class.


The range of a plane is the measurement of how far a plane can travel using a full tank of fuel. ڏنو ته هڪ عنصر ته Airbus جي neo پروگرام جي ترقي جي دور ۾ تي روشني وڌي ٻارڻ افاديت آهي, you can expect this plane to shine in that department or at least show significant improvements relative to its competition. Apparently during testing, اهي سڀ تبديليون ڪم, حد جي لحاظ کان ته آساني سان مقابلو پري لڳڻ ڪندو ۾ زخمي.

جي Airbus ACJ320neo جي ماپ وڌ ۾ وڌ حد تائين گهٽ ۾ ماپي آهي 7,099 ميل, جي سيٽن تي پورو حد تي اندازو آهي، جڏهن ته 7,021 ميل. وڌ ۾ وڌ جيئن furthest هڪ جهاز لاء ڪوشان رهندا altitude تي بحري رفتار تي اڏامي سگهي ٿو حد تائين بيان ڪيو ويو آهي, جڏهن ته خاص سيٽن تي پوري حد جي وڌ ۾ وڌ حد تائين طور بيان ڪيو ويو آهي هڪ جهاز وڌ ۾ وڌ payload تي اڏامي سگهي ٿو. جو اختيار به ماپون نڪتل ساڳي ٽينڪن جي ڀيٽ ۾ بامعني اعلي آهن, انجام ته تي delivering neo ٽينڪن گهٽ ۾ گهٽ مضمون ڪندو 20% ڀلي ٻارڻ ڪارڪردگي سندن مقابلي ڪرڻ جي مقابلي ۾.


Altitude عام طور هڪ جهاز جي ڪارڪردگي صلاحيتون جو تعين ڪرڻ لاء استعمال ٻئي جي ڪارڪردگي Metric آهي. هن اعلي جي altitude هڪ جهاز سفر ڪري سگهو ٿا, جي ڀلي ان جي طاقت آهي. ساڳئي وقت ۾, هڪ اعلي altitude تي سفر ڪرڻ جي قابل ٿي رهيو ڪجهه ڪارڪردگي ۽ افاديت فائدن ڪارڻ. اعلي altitudes تي thinner هوائي موجوده سان, هوائي مزاحمت ۽ ڇڪيو بيٺي ٿيندو, اعلي سفر لاء ھلائيندو آھي ۽ چڱو ٻارڻ ڪارڪردگيء کي زخمي. دلچسپ ڳالهه, جي ACJ320neo جي خدمت حيلي ڪئي 41,000 پير, جنهن دلچسپ ڳالهه هيٺين ساڳي ٽينڪن جي اپ ڪرڻ جي خدمت altitudes آهي ته جي مقابلي ۾ آهي 45,000 پير.

ٻڃڻ ڊگھائي

ٻڃڻ ڊيگهه ته فاصلو پورو رفتار تي بند وٺي ۽ آورد تي هڪ فل اسٽاپ بنائڻ لاء هڪ جهاز لاء دعا گهري طئي ماپون جي هڪ سيٽ آهي. جي ACJ320neo جي آورد جي فاصلي تي اندازو آهي 4,665 پير, جنهن ته اهو سراسري وزن تي ئي جهاز لينڊ ڪرڻ جي ضرورت آهي ميدان جي گھربل ڊيگهه آهي مطلب. هن متوازن ميدان ڊيگهه ۾ ماپي آهي 5,820 پير, جنهن جي فاصلي تي takeoff رفتار تي هڪ جهاز موڪليو ۽ پوء هڪ فل اسٽاپ ڪرڻ جي ضرورت آهي. جڏهن ته اتي وڌيڪ عنصر آهي ته انهن ٻڃڻ جو ڊيگهه جي لحاظ کان متاثر ڪري سگهن ٿا, ان کي بچائي سگهجي چيو ته سگهي ٿو ته ACJ320neo بند وٺي ۽ کي سڪي ڏي وڌيڪ ٻڃڻ جو ڊيگهه جي ضرورت.

بريفنگ ڏيندي خاصيتون

هن Airbus ACJ320neo نئين مضمونن جي هڪ boatload ڪئي, جهاز جي تجربي جي سالن کان مٿي اڀري هتي ڪلڪ بهتري جو فائدو وٺڻ. هن ACJ320neo, گڏو گڏ ٻين تجارتي سوراخ ماڊلز جي جي neo پروگرام ۾ شامل, تار سنڀال جي مک سان معياري اچي, ترقي يافته avionics, ۽ حد-تيز گام خاصيتون. It also comes with a 90-foot cabin that can be customized according to the owner’s needs and preferences. While the default 19-seat configuration is both comfy and luxurious, Airbus has a myriad of options that will help customize jets according to the owner’s personal preferences.


The Airbus ACJ320neo Aviation, while far from being a perfect jet, represents the future of commercial aircraft. With its significant improvements and cutting edge design, it delivers performance and efficiency figures that makes it stand out for the rest. It is faster, more fuel efficient, and more capable of carrying heavier loads than its contemporaries. These improvements totally make sense not just for private jet owners, but also for those interested in rentals. Same luxury, better performance, and lower costs: what more can a renter want on a نجي سوراخ ڪرائي تي ڏيڻ جي? Airbus has done it again.

airbus acj320neo melody interior

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